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Kid Sister debuts ‘Higher’ music video from alter ego, Jane Jupiter

The Summer of Butts continues: In Kid Sister’s latest music video, the rapper shows off her booty to a camera when she’s not slinking around to the dance-ready tune, “Higher.”


Kid Sister is back with a new sound, a new philosophy, and a new alter ego

“Higher” is one of the tracks off Kid Sister’s latest mixtape, DUSK2DAWN- The Diary of Jane Jupiter, which she released in August. Jane Jupiter isn’t just a random name though — it’s Kid Sister’s new alter ego. “I feel like Jane Jupiter is me, but perhaps in an exalted form,” she told EW earlier this month. “I think that it really just fit what I had in mind aesthetically, sonically, spiritually.”

Kid Sister keeps up with the intergalactic aesthetic her name suggests in the “Higher” video, which features silver space blankets and a white, futuristic motif. Her own look is more Beyonce than alien, though: For part of the video, she wears a tight jumpsuit covered in mirrors, much like the leotard Bey wore to this year’s Video Music Awards.

DUSK2DAWN- The Diary of Jane Jupiter is available for streaming on SoundCloud.

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Ranadive’s pop-singer daughter releases new music video

Aspiring pop singer Anjali Ranadive, daughter of Kings principal owner Vivek Ranadive, has released a new music video for “We Turn Up,” a single she performed in April when the Kings played the Los Angeles Lakers.

At that halftime performance, the Indian-American singer danced with Kings cheerleaders and even brought her famous father out on the floor for a spin. In the video, she shares the spotlight with rapper French Montana (as well as a monkey and an elephant).

Shot in a desert, the video displays its South-Asian influences proudly, both visually and sonically. In it, a baseball-hat-and-bindi sporting Ranadive gets the party started by throwing a handful of colored powder on her offroad-driving friends. The paean to up-all-night dancing may also include an oblique reference to Kevin Johnson when Ranadive sings: “Running this town like a mayor.”

Her video has already received endorsements from rappers from both Southern and Northern California:

Her father also offered a tweet of approval:

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Jack White premieres music video set in Denver bar

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Chris Brown Plays Ariana Grande’s Love Interest in New Music Video "Don’t Be …

Chris Brown plays a hero who romances and sets off to rescue his lady love, played by Ariana Grande, in his new, dark, medieval fantasy-themed music video.

The clip for “Don’t Be Gone Too Long,” a pulsing, sensual duet, was released on Friday night. Brown, 25, tweeted a link to the video and also said he directed it.

Grande, 21, plays the part of a princess who gets captured by soldiers and locked in a tower. The “Problem” pop star and Brown share several steamy scenes together, including one in which she appears as a ballerina. He also showcases his signature dance moves.

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Grande, who has kept mum about her actual love life, had in February shared on her Instagram sneak peeks of the video—a picture of herself dancing with Brown and a photo of her with her ballet slippers.

They’ll be tied properly for the video shoot I promise … lol,” she said.

Grande does not sport her signature high ponytail in the video. She has been letting her hair down more often lately.

“Don’t Be Gone Too Long” is featured on Brown’s new album, X, which is set for release on Sept. 16. 

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The Vamps Release ‘Hurricane’ Music Video Co-Starring Bella Thorne

Walt Disney has released the music video for The Vamps‘ ‘Hurricane’ which will be featured in the family comedy ‘Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day’ opening Oct. 10. The movie stars Steve Carell, Jennifer Garner, Ed Oxenbould and Bella Thorne.

In addition to co-starring in the movie, Thorne makes an appearance in the music video as an upset girlfriend who isn’t making her boyfriend’s life any easier. Vamps singer James McVey joked in a tweet that Throne “was the most unforgiving girlfriend ever in the hurricane video… Broke my heart…”

The movie is based on the 1972 children’s book by Judith Viorst and tells the story of an 11-year-old boy named Alexander who believes he’s having the worst day ever. He soon realizes, however, after consulting with his family that he’s not the only one.

Click on the video above to watch The Vamps’ ‘Hurricane’ music video.

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Jack White’s Music Video for “Would You Fight for My Love” Was Made in a Day

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OK Go not OK with Apple launch music video, claims plagiarism (Video)

Apple is being accused of ripping off a music video created by the band OK Go. Both videos were created by the same production company and director.
(Photo : OK Go | YouTube)

OK Go is claiming that Apple ripped off one of its videos in a promotional video for the launch of the iPhone 6 and Apple Watch.

According to the band, the video that Apple ripped off is its video for the song “The Writings on the Wall.”

Not only that, but the band reportedly met with Apple to pitch the concept, after which the tech company declined. OK Go then used the concept for its own video. The “Perspective” video that Apple used uses the same production company, 1stAveMachine, and the same director.

The OK Go video essentially depicts the four band members lip-syncing to their song as they move around a room, with the viewers perception of the band being altered as they move and change costumes.

The Apple promotional video, like OK Go’s video, is captured in one long shot. Instead of people, Apple’s video shows words that illustrate the theme of changing perception.

Apart from the fact that the two videos are very similar, the videos being created by the same production company and directed by the same director seems like more than a coincidence.

“The videos speak for themselves and you can draw your own conclusions,” said Andy Gershon, manager for OK Go. The band is reportedly exploring legal options, but may not have very many. According to Mark Lemley, a professor of law at Stanford University, taking someone else’s creation and adapting it for another purpose is generally not a violation of copyright.

“You could imagine circumstances where there’s a legal claim here, although I think it’s unlikely to succeed,” Lemley said. “That said, from a PR perspective, I’d say it wasn’t a smart move by Apple.”

This is not the first time that Apple may have landed in hot water for its videos. In 2005, the iPod ads featured dancing silhouettes and drew controversy because of the fact that they closely resembled an ad for Lugz boots. Only a year later, another ad closely resembled a video made by a band called the Postal Service.

In the case of the Postal Service video, Apple had also hired the same director as the music video.

Apple was also sued in 2007 after photographer Louis Psihoyos claimed that he had been negotiating with the company for the use of his photograph. Apple ended negotiations and then went on to use the photo anyway.

Apple has had an extremely busy week, unveiling the new line of iPhone’s with the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, as well as the new Apple Watch. Legal issues could impact sales of these products.

Here are the videos for comparison. First up is Apple’s promotion video “Perspective.”


And here’s OK Go’s “The Writing’s on the Wall” video.

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