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WATCH: Kurds in music video ridicule ISIS

As fighting remains fierce between Kurdish and Islamic State fighters in Syria and Iraq, Kurds have released a music video ridiculing the extremist Islamist group. 

In the video bearded men play air guitar on rifles and dance with swords. The clip was broadcast by KurdSat TV and posted on the internet last week according to MEMRI – The Middle East Media Research Institute.

“We are bearded dirty and filthy. We are brainless with nothing in our heads,” the singers chant. 

Other selected lyrics include:

“We milk the goat even if it is male. We are ISIS. We are ISIS. Our pockets are full of Qatari money, our language is bullets and cutting.”

“From Chechnya and the Hijaz we come smelling of garlic and onion.” 

“We strive for Jihad and sex.”

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One Direction Shares Fun Teaser Of ‘Steal My Girl’ Music Video – Watch

We’re just 5 days away from the full music video of ‘Steal My Girl,’ but One Direction has bestowed a music video teaser upon us! Click to WATCH!

Thank you, One Direction. Fans have been anxiously awaiting the release of their “Steal My Girl” music video. Since the boys love us so much, they’ve unveiled a sneak peek at the video! The music video is totally going to be worth the wait.

One Direction’s ‘Steal My Girl’ Teaser

In the teaser, director Danny Devito says to Liam Payne, “You are power.”

Seconds later, Liam is showing just how powerful he is. He smashes up colorful silver balls and then proceeds to act like the hottest member of the marching band we’ve ever seen.

Despite the fact that the teaser leaves us wanting more, this was the perfect little snippet before the big reveal.

Unfortunately, none of the other One Direction hotties were in the teaser. However, this is just the first teaser. We have a feeling that each of the following teasers will feature another One Direction member.

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One Direction Releases Sexy Acoustic Version Of ‘Steal My Girl’

“Steal My Girl” is going to be that song. The boys recently released an amazing acoustic version of the song and we’re obsessed. These boys can do no wrong!

In addition, One Direction revealed the track listing for their upcoming album, Four. The album will be released on Nov. 17. We can’t wait!

HollywoodLifers, what did you think of the sneak peek to “Steal My Girl?” Did you love it? Let us know!

– Avery Thompson

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Corrupted Ads Hijack Viewers of a Popular YouTube Music Video

Ads cooked up by fraudsters and placed on the video-sharing website redirected tens of thousands of people to malicious sites, Network World reports.

“This was a worrying development: Not only were malicious ads showing up on YouTube, they were on videos with more than 11 million views—in particular, a music video uploaded by a high-profile record label,” Trend Micro fraud researcher Joseph Chen wrote on the anti-malware company’s blog.

He did not identify the affected videos or the record label.

Users viewing the ads are bounced through two servers in the Netherlands before landing on a malicious server located in the United States, according to the report. 

There, a hacking toolkit attempts to install “ransomware,” a program that typically freezes a victim’s files until a fine is paid.

This particular type of ransomware is hosted on part of a Polish government site that was hacked.

Read the rest at ThreatWatch, Nextgov’s regularly updated index of cyber breaches.

And find out even more on “NG Cybersecurity,” our iPhone app.

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Tim Dowling: our music video is turning into Care-Home Scandal

Over the past 10 years my wife has gone from being annoyed by how underemployed I was to being irritated by how unavailable I am. If there was an interim period when my work-life balance met her requirements, I don’t recall her mentioning it.

For this reason, I am unable to draw much satisfaction from reminding my wife that I’m a busy man, but it doesn’t stop me trying.

“I need you to take the oven out of its slot,” she says. I know better than to ask why, but apparently the question is implied by my expression.

“Because,” she says, “you need to measure the hole so I can order a new oven that fits.”

“OK,” I say. “But there’s no way I can do it today. I’ve got two pieces to write, and a phone interview at lunchtime, and then I’m off to…” I realise my mistake too late.

“To what?” she says.

“To film a music video,” I say. One of her eyebrows rises slowly. Her rule regarding this topic is simple: I am allowed to be in a band, as long as I never try to talk to her about being in a band.

“That’s not work,” she says.

“Yes, it is!” I say. “I’m contractually obliged.”

This is not a good thing to say, even if it could be true: I did sign a contract with the label that released our CD, the terms of which specified certain promotional duties, and which I didn’t read very carefully. But I don’t wish to prompt my wife to ring them up and ask if there’s a clause in the contract expressly preventing me from doing anything around the house ever.

“Anyway,” I say quietly, “I can’t not go.”

The video is being shot in a pub in Richmond with a little riser at one end, where we are told to set up. The pub is dotted with customers who I soon realise are actually extras hired from an agency that specialises in odd-looking people of a certain age. The director identifies them only by their primary distinguishing features. “Where is the Hairy Man?” he shouts. “Beard with Glasses, to the front please!”

It becomes clear that the odd-looking people are, in most cases, also odd-behaving: eccentricity is being cultivated on many levels. But who am I to judge? I’m a 51-year-old man with a banjo round his neck, miming to a playback while the Hairy Man capers in front of me.

“Let’s bring in the Mums!” shouts the director. Three elderly women are shooed into the room. “Banjo Man, move a foot to the left please! My left!”

The playback starts up again. The director shouts. I look out over the little crowd and see the scene for what it is: a bunch of old people being ordered to do mildly humiliating things by a small number of young people, some of whom are filming us for others to laugh at later. It’s like a care-home scandal set to music.

Because we’re in the background of every scene, the band are obliged to remain on stage the whole time. It’s like a four-hour gig where you play only one song. I arrive home knackered, and late. My wife is lying on the sofa, watching TV.

“How was it?” she says.

“Weird,” I say. “Sort of like a care-home scandal set…”

“Eh!” she says, holding up a hand and then pointing at the screen. “I’m watching this.” She waves me towards the kitchen, as if to say, “Your supper is in the oven.” But I know that can’t be true: the oven is still in its slot, still broken.

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Music Video Of The Day: Archie Powell and The Exports ‘The Malört Song (A …

Only Archie Powell and The Exports could take a booze they habitually demolish by the case and convince the manufacturer to actually pay them to write a song about it.

Way to go guys, you make Chicago proud!

Since you apparently can’t watch music videos on television anymore, we’ll showcase one here daily. There’s no rhyme or reason, time or season, to which video we’ll choose. Have a suggestion? Contact us at

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Fall Out Boy – "Centuries" [Music Video]

Fall Out Boy – “Centuries” [Music Video]

Check out the music video for Fall Out Boy‘s latest single “Centuries”. The J.R. Rotem-produced rock song will appear on the band’s forthcoming yet-untitled sixth studio album due in stores “soon” on Island/DCD2 Records. We’ve had to wait only a month to see the “Centuries” MV as the single premiered on September 8th on radio.

Premiered on VEVO on Friday midday, the “Centuries” music videos features an Ancient Rome theme. The Fall Out Boy members are gladiators who will have to fight for their lives at the Colosseum.

WOW! Me likes this kind of high-budget clips. It kind of looks a mini-movie, doesn’t hit? Oh, and as I watched the video I couldn’t help to remember the old Pepsi commercial that featured Pink, Beyoncé and Britney also as Gladiators.

What do you think of the video?

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Damien Rice’s ‘I Don’t Want To Change You’ Music Video Proves He Can Still …

Last month Damien Rice announced a new album and a now sold-out tour after an eight-year absence from the music scene. Out Nov. 10, “My Favourite Faded Fantasy” is a dark, dreamy 10-song LP made with the help of superstar producer Rick Rubin. Rice released the title track on BBC’s Zane Lowe show, and now HuffPost Entertainment is excited to debut the music video in the U.S. for the album’s lead single, “I Don’t Want To Change You.”

Shot in Iceland and directed by music video vets Ari and Kinski, the video shows Rice sopping wet on a dock. “And if you just want to be alone/ I can wait without waiting,” he sings while stepping backwards towards the water. “And if you want me to let this go/ Well, I am more than willing/ I don’t want to change you/ I don’t want to change your mind.” Then Rice disappears into the water, slipping away from us almost as seamlessly as he did in the last few years.

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