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Kanye West, Future’s Music Video "I Won": Kanye Raps About Dipping Kim’s Butt …

Last week, Kanye West presented the world with his lyrical take on fiancée Kim Kardashian‘s butt, and now he’s back with an accompanying music video. The rapper, 36, lends his vocals to Future‘s “I Won,” choosing to dedicate his verse to the body of Kardashian, 33, and his baby daughter North. 

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The visuals to the track off of Future’s new album Honest are dramatically shot in black-and-white, with the pair of hip-hop artists strolling along the beach. While Kanye praises his future wife, Future, 30, pays his own tribute to his fiancée, singer Ciara, 28, who is pregnant with their first child.

Kardashian and close pal Ciara do not appear in the video, however, two scantily models fill their places, posing on the sand. West looks serious as he raps about the reality star, “I want to dip that ass in gold, I want to dip that ass in gold / I made it over NBA, NFL players / So every time I score it’s like the Super Bowl. Baby, we should hit the south of France / So you could run around without them pants.”

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Yeezy wears all white and a massive chain as he references his daughter North, rapping, “You grew up on J. Lo, Timberlands by Manolo now / Till one day I put an angel in your ultra sound.” He goes on to nod to Karadashian’s sisters and mother, Kris. Watch Kanye and Future get romantic in the video above. 

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One Direction’s Most Romantic Music Video Ever — Watch ‘You & I’

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‘Suit & Tie’: Young Black Men Use Music Video to Combat Stereotypes

The honor roll students, poets, future collegiate athletes and National Honor Society members came together to create “Suit Tie in the 217” to tell a different story about young minority males, Tiffany Gholson, a counselor who worked with them on the project, told NewsOne.

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Cody Simpson debuts ‘Surfboard’ music video featuring model girlfriend Gigi Hadid

From the Beatles to Satchmo, from Billy Joel to Prince, the Daily News has backstage photos and behind the scenes shots you want. Find your legendary photo today.

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One Direction tease ‘You And I’ music video with a swoonworthy clip of Zayn …

The high note is coming…

Don’t ask us how we’re still alive after watching the beautiful teaser clip that One Direction just uploaded for their upcoming You I music video, but somehow we are and it’s the most wonderful thing our eyeballs have ever seen, so LET’S DISCUSS IT.

Strap your ovaries in and try and to keep your breathing steady, but it seems like we’ll be getting a whole set of 1D Instavideos this week to countdown the days until their brand new video, and the first one comes courtesy of everyone’s favourite Bradford Bad Boi, Zayn Malik.

The clip shared on Instagram features a handful of shots of el Maliko doing his gorgeous thang down on that windy pier a couple of weeks ago when we were all wondering what the Dickens they were doing in Clevedon, and it’s honestly the dreamiest sight in the entire universe.

He’s in a snuggly jumper, his hair is looking divine, there’s a whole load of smouldering going on, and we even hear him chat about the song, when he says in his dulcet tones: “It’s a romantic song for all those candlelit dinners.”

Oh you little charmer, we’d candlelight YOUR dinner, Z-boy. Anyway, then he does a bit of this.

Then there’s a bit of this from the side, featuring an intense duck pout.

And then this happens and we died.

But then came back to life when we remembered we need to hang around for the other four countdown teasers AND the full length video. HOORAY. Check out Zayn’s full teaser clip right here:

WE WERE NOT READY FOR THIS, SOMEONE HOLD US. What do you think of Zayn’s Instavid? Is he looking like your dreams all com to life at once? Let us know in the comments box so we can have a chat.

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Yahoo Expands Partnership With Vevo, Bringing Music Videos To Yahoo Screen …

Yahoo and music video streaming service Vevo are expanding their partnership, the companies are announcing today, through a deal that will bring Vevo’s videos, live concert events, and other original programming to Yahoo’s own video streaming service, Yahoo Screen.

Following this tie-up, viewers will initially be able to watch this music content on Yahoo Screen in the U.S. and Canada, and in the weeks ahead, the partnership will expand to the U.K., Germany, France, Spain and Italy. The content is also not immediately available on the Yahoo Screen mobile application, launched last September, but will be offered there at some point in the future, says Vevo.

“Our renewed partnership with Yahoo will bring Vevo’s programming to more music fans than ever before,” says Rio Caraeff, President and CEO, Vevo in a brief announcement shared to the company blog this morning. “Yahoo has the potential to be one of our largest partners, and our launch across Yahoo Screen and, soon in more countries and on more platforms, is a big win for viewers who want to watch their favorite music video programming anytime and anywhere.”

This deal was first announced last November, saying that Vevo would soon be providing Yahoo properties, including Yahoo Screen and omg! (now Yahoo Celebrity), with access to its then 75,000 HD music videos, but only in the U.K. The companies had also previously partnered up in France, Spain and Italy.

Now that integration is going live, the company tells us, while also being made available in the U.S. and Canadian markets for the first time, as well as in Germany, which is another brand-new addition.

While Vevo is known for its music videos, its now 100,00 videos also include live concerts and other original programs, which will run alongside other Yahoo Screen fare like videos from Saturday Night Live, The Onion, GQ, ABC News, Vogue, The Daily Show and more.

While Yahoo Screen today is focused on videos acquired through partnerships such as this, Yahoo has been recently rumored to be working on a YouTube competitor of sorts, as a part of its further expansion into video. Yahoo Screen would be step one, Re/code reported last month, while cherry-picked top YouTube creators and stars would help to fill out the product offering with more content.

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Original Jason actor from ‘Friday the 13th’ to shoot music video near Jackson

NAPOLEON, MI – There has been countless reincarnations, but only one man can hold claim as the original Jason Vorhees.

Ari Lehman, who played Jason as a child in the first “Friday the 13th” film in 1980, is coming to a Jackson-area haunted attraction to shoot a music video, of all things.

A young Jason Voorhees (Ari Lehman) attacks camp counselor Alice (Adrian King) in a scene from “Friday the 13th.” 

Lehman, 48, a Chicago resident, is part of the band First Jason, which will shoot footage for a video for the song “Victim” at the Corpse Barn Shock Haunt, 6220 Brooklyn Road, on April 25-27.

Clint Tacy, who co-owns the Corpse Barn with Brad Suydam, met Lehman at an event in Detroit a couple of years ago. The two began chatting through Facebook after Tacy noticed Lehman’s band was looking for a location to shoot a video.

“Obviously, I’m a horror geek – as a fan, I’m very excited,” Tacy said. “I’m also very excited to have this at the Haunt.

“It will be a fun event with like-minded people.”

Lehman, a singer and keyboardist for First Jason, is a classically trained pianist, although the band’s style is described as “horror metal.” Lehman wields an over-the-shoulder keyboard with a custom-made handle shaped like that of a machete.

The premise of the “Victim” video will be Jason battling a mob of zombies. The cast will include Ladislav Beran, who played Karl Ruprecht Kroenen in “Hellboy.”

The band is helping to finance the music video through pay-to-participate opportunities for extras. The majority of the shooting is scheduled to take place at the Corpse Barn Shock Haunt on Saturday, April 26.

Anyone interested should visit For other questions, call the Corpse Barn at 517-206-3211.

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