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Watch the Simple, Beautiful Music Video for Sharon Van Etten’s “Your Love Is …

Sharon Van Etten’s “Your Love Is Killing Me” is one of the year’s best songs, off one of the year’s best albums. Aptly described as a “pocket epic,” the track has Van Etten’s voice simmer and simmer until it reaches a low boil, her anger and heartbreak exposed over a rising tide of organ, piano, and guitar. It’s a straightforward but wrenching tune, and the music video, by Sean Durkin, does its raw beauty justice.

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OK Go new music video: The boys are back with another crazy YouTube clip for …

The US alt-rock group’s latest release, from fourth album Hungry Ghosts, has racked up almost 2.7 million YouTube views in 24 hours.

Known for their creativity ever since the video for 2006′s “Here It Goes Again” featured the band dancing on treadmills and attracted over 25 million views, OK Go’s newest effort sees them take to cool, self-balancing, motorised unicycles.

The five-minute video was shot in one continuous shoot and required 50 or 60 takes to get it perfect, Billboard reports.

Japanese director Morihiro Harano revealed some insider details as to how the mind-boggling project was created, including the use of a camera-equipped drone to enable birds-eye view shots of the impressive synchronised umbrella scenes.

The manual and GPS-controlled drone was taken half a mile into the air for the video’s final shot, which sees more than 1,500 volunteers ride Honda scooter chairs to make up “pixels” of a staggering LED ticker-style display.

OK Go frontman Damian Kulash posted some behind-the-scenes pictures on his Instagram account while the video was being designed.

The awesome camera-equipped drone from OK Go’s music video

Ok Go’s dancers watch the playback of their new music video

Other videos from the innovative four-piece have featured Muppets, the world’s largest Rube Goldberg machine and lots of paint.

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How did they do that? OK Go’s music video in Japan goes viral

TOKYO (CNN) – A new music video by the American band OK Go has gone viral. Their new video is shot in one take — using a specialized drone and a Segway-like vehicle.

Would you believe a nondescript Tokyo building is home to the creative mind behind one of the hottest viral music videos right now?

Here’s a look inside the studio of Morihiro Harano. The Japanese director is friends with OK Go.

Those are the guys who’ve used treadmills, dominoes, and optical illusions in their other videos.

In OK Go’s new video, which they shot in Japan, they use drones and they use these new Honda vehicles called UNI-CUBs. Take a look.

This video already has millions of views and the number keeps rising.

It’s essentially one continuous shot.

They did 44 takes, completing the whole routine 11 times.

Out of those 11 they found 3 takes they thought were okay.

And the one that you see on YouTube (video blow) is what they consider their best take.

The filming took place over 4 days. It was raining a lot of the time so that extended the time period of shooting.

This is after they rehearsed for a full month.

The final take happened around 5 or 6 p.m. and you see 2,400 people doing a really cool flip card type maneuver as the drone keeps rising.

The director says this is his favorite part. Here’s why.

“The end is my favorite because the drone flies up 700 meters, about a half a mile, and the music stops. You see that huge crowd. This is my first music video and I wanted to try something new,” Harano said.

They used a multi-copter camera to get those incredible aerials and they shot everything at half speed.

Everyone was moving in slow motion. And then they sped it up in the final editing process to get that incredible effect.

Check out one of the world’s hottest viral music videos made in Japan.

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OK Go’s latest music video is guaranteed to make you smile. Oh, and it was …

OK Go has a penchant for making tremendously complex and amazing music videos. Their latest is no different: a highly choreographed routine set to “I Won’t Let You Down” — an incredibly catchy song in its own right, but the addition of drone technology brings things to the next level. Needless to say, the film was not shot in the United States (thanks, FAA!).

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OK Go’s new music video is somehow better than their famous treadmill video

You remember OK Go’s incredible treadmill music video for the single “Here It Goes Again.”

You heard it everywhere. It looked like this.

Yeah, you remember. It was an amazing video and because of how creative it was, presented the daunting and seemingly impossible task of topping it.

However, upon release of OK Go’s newest album, Hungry Ghost, the band has taken another stab at music video wonder and the results are nothing short of perfect.

Wait, they are driving off the set while dancing? They’re driving off the set while dancing.

This is a pretty cool update, but nothing terribly revolutionary. If you and your friends had an afternoon, you could probably do the exact same thing.

But would you be able to synchronize umbrellas?

Yeah, probably not.

Fine, so OK Go has one upped itself with umbrellas and motorized choreography. They seem like pretty progressive guys, so this is all well and nice. Like an indie Mary Poppins.

The video is still missing that big wow factor, though.

Come on, OK Go. Wow us.

… Wow.

Watch the whole video below.

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OK Go’s New Music Video Will Blow Your Mind with Its Fancy Drone Camerawork

OK Go is known for its creative music videos that often feature single takes and innovative camera techniques, and the band’s latest video continues that trend in an impressive way.

Released today, the “I Won’t Let You Down” music video has already amassed hundreds of thousands of views on YouTube. Give it a watch above and you’ll quickly see why.

The video features self-balancing unicycles and an army of dancers clutching umbrellas of different colors. What’s crazy is how seamlessly the camera moves from ground level to birds-eye-view thanks to the camera-equipped drone.

Harley Brown over at Billboard spoke to the band and Japanese director Morihiro Harano for some behind-the-scenes details into how the project was done.

Brown reports that the entire video was done in one continuous shoot, and that it took 50 or 60 tries to get the final version.

You’ll notice that parts of the film features playback at double speed. During these portions, the dancers listened to the song being played at half speed through enormous speakers, allowing them to perform complicated movements with precision.

For the final shot, which features umbrellas making up “pixels” of a giant human-powered display, was shot by flying the special camera drone about half a mile into the air and controlling it manually and with GPS. The shot features over 1500 volunteers riding the Honda scooter chairs (you can see them waiting on the sidelines before the camera starts rising into the air).

During the filming of the video in Japan a couple of months ago, band frontman Damian Kulash shared a number of behind-the-scenes glimpses through his Instagram account:

If you want to make a video, you need a lot of diagrams.

A photo posted by Damian Kulash (@damiankulash) on Aug 8, 2014 at 4:55am PDT

The extended crew.

A photo posted by Damian Kulash (@damiankulash) on Aug 8, 2014 at 5:55am PDT

Our coworkers watching the playback.

A photo posted by Damian Kulash (@damiankulash) on Aug 8, 2014 at 3:29am PDT

Here’s what appears to be a glimpse of the drone and camera:

A photo posted by Damian Kulash (@damiankulash) on Aug 8, 2014 at 8:35pm PDT

Hopefully OK Go releases a behind-the-scenes video that offers a closer look at how it all came together.

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Olivia Somerlyn ‘Parachute’ Official Music Video Released, Watch Here (VIDEO)

Olivia Somerlyn ‘Parachute’ Official Music Video Released, Watch Here (VIDEO)

(Photo : Olivia Somerlyn)

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  • Olivia Somerlyn ‘Parachute’ Official Music Video Released, Watch Here (VIDEO)

    Olivia Somerlyn has released the official music video for her song “Parachute”. You can check out the video above. 

    “I’m so happy to release this music video and to share my vision with my audience. When I write, I always imagine how I would translate the song into a video, and it is inspiring for me to see Parachute come to life,” Olivia shared about the video.

    “Parachute” was co-written and produced by Nick Jonas

    Somerlyn has looked up to “Nick’s songwriting and production talents,” and says it was “a big dream… to work on a song with him.” She had the idea for the song and Nick was “working on this track and this melody and it just really fit.” The result ended in “Parachute.”

    Her “Parachute” single is getting play on Sirius XM Hits 1 and a remix is currently No. 2 on the Dance Club Songs chart. 

    Somerlyn shared with Billboard she’s been “writing songs since about 13.” While attending high school in San Francisco, she spent weekends in Los Angeles “to try to meet people in the [music] industry,” hoping to “start co-writing and get some of my songs produced.”

    “I’m excited to see what happens with ‘Parachute’… and happy to finally have something like this video that really conveys who I am and what I want to be as an artist,” Somerlyn says. 

    Olivia is an 19 year old singer/songwriter from San Francisco, California. She is currently managed by Kevin Jonas, Sr. After making her debut in late 2010, Olivia’s popularity has grown in 2013 as she released her lead single, “Better With You” off her upcoming album, O

    Olivia embarked on a 40 date tour, opening for Nickelodeon superstars, Big Time Rush Victoria Justice’s “Summer Break Tour”. Shortly after the tour ended, she opened for the Jonas Brothers on their “Jonas Brothers Live Tour 2013″ for their last three dates. Olivia has been nominated for the iHeartRadio Macy’s Rising Star Competition. 



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